Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fill up, Move on, and Pray again (Dan Jones)

We had stake conference, which was one of the church's first televised conferences in order to stretch the contact the saints have with the general authorities.

Of all the talks, I was most touched by Elder Jay Jensen. He told a story of the colonization of central Arizona.

The first expedition to the Phoenix area had run out of water as they were heading into the desert of central Arizona. Their leader retired to a quiet place to pray for relief. That night it froze and snowed and the party was able to capture enough of it to fill their barrels and head back to Utah.

Brigham Young asked for a report of the expedition from the leader and received the previous report. He then turned to Dan Jones and asked his opinion. Jones paused for a while and then responded, "I'd have filled up, moved on, and prayed again." President Young declared that this was the man that would lead the next expedition.

Jones came back the next year and laid the foundation for a settlement called Lehi, later named Mesa. The settlers cleared the clogged and abandoned Hohokam canals and began to irrigate the land and establish a permanent colony.

Elder Jensen's telling of the story came as a response to how to deal with the trials that will come our way. To have faith, rely on the Lord's blessings, but push on.

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